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Eric Lugo
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A result of its tumultuous surroundings of the greater Chicagoland area, Dear Deadly—Eric Lugo [Vocals], Benny Owen [Guitar], Nick Savage [Bass], and Nicholas Pappas [Drums]—have forged a signature sound deeply rooted in modern hard rock and metal with an orchestra of crushing guitars, a rock solid rhythm section, all conducted by an onslaught of melodic vocals.

“We’re a band spawned from the diverse Chicago music scene. We've put eight years into growing this band and working hard to do what we love the most. We look forward to putting another eight plus years in. 'It’s Not Over Yet' is all about that work ethic. Early on, we realized if you give the time and effort to chase a dream, it’s possible to achieve it by the sheer amount of drive and passion you have.”

Since 2011, that mentality has fueled Dear Deadly’s perseverance to carve their place in modern Hard Rock/Metal. Their 2014 EP, 'A World Beyond', was mixed and mastered by Lee McKinney of Born of Osiris and explored some of their metalcore roots. At the time, deriving influence from bands like Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya, Periphery and Asking Alexandria. During 2014-2015, the band went through a line-up change and began to evolve into what some might call more of a “Nu Metal” sound. In November 2016, 'It’s Not Over Yet' was born. While this EP still contains some metalcore qualities at times, it was really more influenced by bands like Linking Park, Korn, and Avenged Sevenfold. 2017 was spent supporting 'It's Not Over yet' with strategic shows and a relentless do it yourself online presence. Simultaneously, they have shared stages with Volumes, P.O.D., The Word Alive, New Years Day, hed PE, Puddle Of Mudd, Saliva, Tantric, The Color Morale, Like Moths To Flames, Eyes Set To Kill, Ded and many more.

In 2018, they began the process of creating their first full-length album. Tracking is set to take place at various Chicagoland studios. [Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Sampling and Synths at Born To Rock Studios][Drums at JJC Recording Studios] Mixing and Mastering [Erik Ron - Grey Area Studios (Motionless In White, I Prevail, New Years Day, Like Moths To Flames)].

“I like to think we’re taking our favorite traits of this area and our influences and showing the rest of the world what Chicago created out of all that great camaraderie, those friendships, and the music,” he says. “We all come from the same region. We’re not content to just sit still and let life happen. We want to show that you can take the initiative, go out there, and make a difference for yourself. That rings throughout all of the songs and speaks to the true meaning of what we’ve done thus far.”

Ultimately, Dear Deadly has the power to electrify a new love for rock music in the process.

“We really have but one job,” he leaves off. “Forget your phone, forget your day job, your complications and just get entertained. At the end of the day we’re entertainers, and our job is to entertain you. We want to give people something they’ll never forget and we hope they walk away feeling like they’ve witnessed the greatest spectacle imaginable.”


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Dear Deadly live at Q Bar Darien, IL 2017


Northern Illinois


Nu Metal, Alternative Metal, Metal

Years Active:

2011- Present



Dear Deadly live at Durt Nellies Palatine, IL 2016
Dear Deadly live at The Forge Joliet, IL 2017
Benny McCulloch
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Eric Lugo
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It's Not Over Yet EP Art Dear Deadly 2017





Dear Deadly The Hopeless Music Video